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eating clocks is really time consuming


imagine your icon pulling up their blanket and accidentally punching themself in the face


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modern day rebels [x]


Blood Moon gif stabilized and slowed.


Blood Moon gif stabilized and slowed.




Kallentelos Shiny Greninja and Charizard giveaway

In honor of the newest entries into the SSB4 crew, I’m offering both of these brawlers to my followers.  And for those tourney minded individuals, these guys are 31 IVs across the board with egg moves (and Greninja has been bred for Hidden Power Fire)  I’ll be picking out 3 winners, one will receive BOTH of these pokemon, and two will get their choice of either pokemon.


  • There will be three winners decided randomly by RNG, and as such, I’ll randomly decide who gets to pick first, although preference will be given to followers.
  • One like and reblog per person
  • You don’t have to be following me to be entered, but…
  • Anyone who follows me is also given a second entry for any reblog they give, as well as also being able to win a randomly decided 5/6 IV SHINY pokemon from one of my old giveaways (Such as Klefki, Terrakion, and more!) as well!  
  • And if you were following me before this giveaway, both your like AND reblog count for 2 votes, for a total of 4!
  • You must be able to give me a valid 3DS Friend Code, even if it’s not your own.
  • Keep your ask box open, as the winners will have 24 hours to respond before I pick someone else.  Once you respond, you have 1 week to claim your prize before I reselect
  • The giveaway ends May 5th at 12:00 AM, since I want to make sure you all have plenty of time to reblog this.


Need an ark like asap? dont worry, I Noah guy

They’re like, 12
The correct way to refer to anyone younger than you (via guy)